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Panda Love ♥ theme ;>

Please read the description! It’s important :3 Also, read this first post for customizing instructions.

Finaally :3 Here’s my panda theme made public :D The only problem is, it isn’t customizable. I wouldn’t recommend changing the background, either. You’ll know when you try to. You can customize it in any way you want, just leave the credits intact :3 You can also change the url on the footer of the panda if you want :)

If you want to change colors of fonts, font styles, etc., you can do it by changing the codes in the CSS. Everything is there, just find the appropriate tag for what you want to change. You can TA my main account as well if you have questions.

For your links, you can add links by adding <option value=”http://link here”>link name</option> to the drop-down list. Just open customize page, click edit HTML, search (ctrl + F) open me~ Just follow the placement of the codes :)

Features page is here:

Enjoy! ♥

download the theme here

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Hey there, ! This is my Panda theme. Your Tumblr goes inside the panda! :3 This theme isn't really customizable since I'm very busy to re-create the meta tags. The only thing you can customize through "appearance" is the update tab. You'll probably want to keep your description really long in order for the about tab to appear. About 15 lines to your description is enough. If you can't make your description longer anymore, just add break tags until it appears < br > Alternatively, you can search for #ha in the css and change the top:-155px to your liking. Enjoy this theme! :3

Please read!